Opinions Please: Custom Reserve Speedway Change

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I am seriously thinking about changing the black MOP face of my triple black speedway to the red fiber so that I may be able to see the time better. What is your opinion of the possible change below?

These are NOT my pix. They are Photoshop'd from the '07 Invicta catalog:


What I would like:

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Red & black dial on the black IP would be KILLER. I love my red dial Speedy and it is not hard to read with the black hands.
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I agree. The all black is pretty stealthy to look at, it's just hard to tell the time at a glance. Too stealthy !!! :biggrin:

I'm looking for someone qualified to do the work if I can get the white MOP dial from Invicta.

Dave let me know if you find a good watchmaker in your part of the state. Seems every store sends there out for repair here in Indianapolis.
Not finding anyone locally. I did find a watchmaker in Cincinnati that is a Rolex tech that said he would change out the dial for $50.00., which includes replacing all seals.

Just got off the phone with Invicta CS and they said they don't sell dials direct to consumers.

Dave can you PM me the info on that watchmaker.

1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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