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Short time lurker, first post (be gentle:001_unsure:). I'm new to all this watch lark:blushing: I have an Accurist for work, and a Polar S410 HRM for cycle racing and triathlon. My watch world was complete:thumbup1:

Then my wife decided she wanted a Longines Dulce Vita for her birthday, and being an obliging chap, that's what she got. My birthday is in April, so it was 'decreed' I should have a nice watch as well. From here on in it gets a bit iffy. I like shopping for high end cycles, triathlon bikes and guitars. Watches? No thanks. But slowly, slowly I found that more and more net research was sucking me in to the ticky tocky world (which I now know is called 'horology' ;) ).

My brain has been like a pinball, bouncing from brand to brand. But after a search that took roughly the same amount of energy as finding the Holy Grail, I've got it down to two (budget is not huge, approx AUD$4k).

An Omega Deville GMT (non Co-Axial) (grey face)

and a IWC Spitfire MKXVI. I saw that in the book, and pretty much discarded it as something I wouldn't like. But after looking at it, I though it was a watch I could really live with. It has a timeless quality about its looks IMO.

I like both and have been made a good offer from the shop on either. Just taking a couple of days to really make my mind up.

Anything I should know about either? ( I know this is the IWC forum, just figured some peeps would have experience of both). I'm definitely leaning to the IWC (if for no other reason than I think the brand has a 'covert kudos' about it).

Thanks for your time:001_smile:
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Thanks Houston,

That link was great:thumbup1:
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