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Short time lurker, first post (be gentle:001_unsure:). I'm new to all this watch lark:blushing: I have an Accurist for work, and a Polar S410 HRM for cycle racing and triathlon. My watch world was complete:thumbup1:

Then my wife decided she wanted a Longines Dulce Vita for her birthday, and being an obliging chap, that's what she got. My birthday is in April, so it was 'decreed' I should have a nice watch as well. From here on in it gets a bit iffy. I like shopping for high end cycles, triathlon bikes and guitars. Watches? No thanks. But slowly, slowly I found that more and more net research was sucking me in to the ticky tocky world (which I now know is called 'horology' ;) ).

My brain has been like a pinball, bouncing from brand to brand. But after a search that took roughly the same amount of energy as finding the Holy Grail, I've got it down to two (budget is not huge, approx AUD$4k).

An Omega Deville GMT (non Co-Axial) (grey face)

and a IWC Spitfire MKXVI. I saw that in the book, and pretty much discarded it as something I wouldn't like. But after looking at it, I though it was a watch I could really live with. It has a timeless quality about its looks IMO.

I like both and have been made a good offer from the shop on either. Just taking a couple of days to really make my mind up.

Anything I should know about either? ( I know this is the IWC forum, just figured some peeps would have experience of both). I'm definitely leaning to the IWC (if for no other reason than I think the brand has a 'covert kudos' about it).

Thanks for your time:001_smile:

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Hello Ian

A warm welcome to WTF and IWC Country. Good to see you here.

Well I'm not very well-versed in IWC but I have handled or should that be fondled the DeVille GMT in grey. It's quite a dressy number and very classy indeed. Quite subtle too so you won't be seen as being too 'prominent' if you prefer it that way. My preference would have been for something bigger. You seem like an outdoors and active person so a Seamaster GMT may be more suitable I might have thought. The De Ville GMT comes in two sizes 35 and 38.7mm AND both are Co-Axial. With the exception of the Prestige Quartz, there is no other De Ville that is not a Co-Axial. The 35mm I believe has a display back. The following notable review by RogerCP does more justice to the watch than I ever possibly could. It may help you further with your deliberations.

The Spitfire is also 39mm if I'm not mistaken. It does not have the second time zone complication if this is a pertinent aspect of your quest. My amigo here in IWC Country Scott or indeed several of the other enthusiasts here can help you better in this direction so if you don't mind I'll leave it to them to assist you. You wouldn't after all wish to be led by one who is partially sighted in these matters :D:D

In any event, I wish you much enjoyment on WTF and indeed on the watch you finally settle on.

Have a good weekend :001_smile:


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Both are fine choices, so you will do fine no matter which way you go. The Omega DeVille has the co-axial escapement and that means it will likely need many fewer maintenance stops. Omega watches are well made and I think well designed.

IWC's watches main advantage versus Omega is that they are finished at a higher level of attention, i.e., they are even more focused on the luxury watch catagory. Higher finishing doesn't affect the normal function of the watch as much as it is a prestige item amongst collectors. This being said IWC watches are in more of a niche market while Omega as a brand is higher volume (and excellent value for your money).

If you don't care what watch collectors think, well, you can go either way.

If exclusivity and having a niche brand is important to you, go IWC.
If value is more important, lower maintenance needs, etc., go Omega.

Both brands have an excellent reputation for manufacturing wonderful watches.
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