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And look at this forum.
An amazing amount of activity.
Historical facts and great watch pics.
And even a new paintjob!!!!
Thanks go to Rusty,the mastermind, and to all who read and contribute to the Hamilton Forum.
And, of course, to John for letting us open the joint!!!!

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Three cheers for Rusty, John and all the others who contributed to the inaguration of this hallowed forum.

Shall we sing "Auld Lang Syne?"

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I think we are ....

lucky to have Foggy as a Moderator ....Rusty? I'm not sure yet....:confused1:
I guess I will warm up to him eventually..not that we have much of a choice :wink:........seriously we love you too Rusty:thumbup:
What a great start:thumbup:

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Thanks guys. It has been a very exciting week. You know that foghorn is equally complicite here and deserves 50% of the credit.

Thanks to all of the regulars; mgiraz, eddiea, grady, bullosa, timefinder, bczolone, MacDaddy, hamiltonelectric, some of the Invicta members who came over to lend moral support, other mods i.e. wautersjr, Knight Watchman, boscoe and many who I haven't named. It seems as if we are picking up new regulars every day to boot.

It has been quite a ride. And in this past week, I have worn the Invicta Khaki SWAT every day, which a record for me, to wear the same watch for one solid week. I think the best is yet to come.
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