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(I respectfully have to steal Agent Orange's cool idea for this thread. What's that saying about imitation and flattery?:thumbup1:)

Took a brief trip to Hilton Head with the in-laws to warm up for a few days! I woke up Monday morning to find a new friend in the backyard of our condo, so I introduced two Legends...


Also visited the US Marines base on Parris Island. Thank you to our armed forces for your service.

And, leaving the airport in Savannah, GA


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Ahh! PI.

I went to the real boot camp where instead of issuing chrome-domes and having suspended training, we were issued Ray-Ban Wayfarers and trained come hell or high water, lived in Quonset huts, and Drill Instructors would knock you silly in a heartbeat for looking sideways.

Those were great times and I wouldn't trade them for all the world.
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