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Hello Everyone :biggrin:

I purchased a Seamaster Omegamatic about 10 years ago. Best watch I've ever had:thumbup: It's a very accurate time piece gaining 25 secs over 12 months and as I am in water a lot it has been a great companion. I take it off my wrist at night before I go to bed and for the very first time when I awoke three days ago it's power was failing: the second sweep was stalling and then would jump four or five seconds and repeat this process. I gave it a few shakes and the second sweep returned to normal. When I woke this morning the watch had stopped at 1.30am. After re-setting the time and giving it a few shakes it was back to normal again. Does the capacitor last indefinitely or is this an indication that it needs to be replaced? Can anyone advise me?:confused1:

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Greetings Mr Sportyone

A very warm welcome to WTF and OMEGALand. Good to have you with us.

Kieron or Sam would know more about these unique watches. I do know that the capacitor needs about double the number of winds of an auto to be fully charged. It does not last forever of course so it may need servicing assuming the capacitor had been fully charged.

Here's a link you may find of some use -

Wish you well with the watch and look forward to chatting with you more

Be well now


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Sportyone & BPK1:

I see you are both new, so Welcome to WTF!!!

No doubt you will find this board quite interesting, as we have multiple forums, each with its own bunch of characters.

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Sounds like...

The capacitor is getting tired, they have a lifespan of about 8 to 10 years. You could send it to Omega but if you have a Seiko watch repairer local to you, he should be able to sort it as they use(d) a similar setup in some of their watches...
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