Omega unfriendly company?

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I have emailed Omega several times about geting a new catalogue or how to get the new Omega Lifetime Magazine, and no response or catalogue/magazine has arrived at my home. Anyone had better luck than me?
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Hello and WELCOME Mr Paperbill,

I actually have found the company representatives to be VERY friendly and helpful. sorry you've had a problem getting results.

I will say that it does take a couple of weeks to get a response to emails, they tend to give personal attention which takes a bit longer...

how have you tried to contact them? I will look and verify the address that has worked for me.. [email protected] I believe, attention Maria Mastadonato . I hope I spelled her name correctly.. Maria has taken care of me just beautifully, along with many others here..

good luck, and again WELCOME:thumbup:

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Mr Paperbill,


we'd love to see photos...:thumbup:

Maria has not been super fast in my experience,
but she has been professional, very helpful, and thourough...

I hope you find her the same:thumbup:

glad you're here Mr Bill..:thumbup1:

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