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My usual home is over on the Bulova/Accutron Forum. I am a collector of Accutrons and have grown fond of the Accuquartz caliber. To-date I have acquired 11 Accuquartz watches and two movements. BTW, I also have a Titus with the f300. My latest "Accuquartz" movement arrived in the mail today. As seen from the pics, it is a Beta21, first gen, that was marketed by Bulova only in 1971 - the year before they introduced their own caliber 224x movement.

The movement was described "As Is" and not working. It had an original #313 watch battery installed. When I replaced that battery with a fresh silver oxide battery, the movement immediately began to vibrate! Yahoo, it's alive. Thought that may be possible but not expected. I don't really plan to find a Bulova case as they were all 18K and most of the few ever produced are long gone to the refinery. I wish to have the movement to display with my 224x Accuquartz watches. I would like to have a stem and crown. I don't really care about the crown - only need something to screw onto the stem. I do have an Accuquartz crown I could use if threads match. So, I am asking for advice on the possibility of sourcing a stem and how the stem is inserted/removed from the movement. I understand that some watch manufacturers who used the Beta21 movement did offer round dial versions and case them in SS cases. Any advice on locating such a case would also be appreciated. Might not fit but would be worth a try.
Many thanks,
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