Omega Discounts?

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HI, I am fairly new to the forum and am looking for some help. I have found a Speedy Pro Gemini IV at a very reputable AD, they are holding it for me, I really like the watch and would love to have it. My question is, should I expect some discount, or pay retail? The watch is BNIB and the salesperson told me that they have 5 in their whole company. Thanks for any help you may give.
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Hi John,

Well as I hope you have now seen from my recent post announcing the fact that I now have my Gemini IV Speedy Pro. I did get a very good discount from my AD but I do have a very good relationship with him. If you want I can PM you with exactly how much discount I got.

I would always expect discount from an AD on whatever watch I was interested in. I was even offered 10% off the very limited 1957 run of the 50th Anniversary Co-Axial Speedmaster Pro recently.

Also, I would like to say that once you see the Gemini IV LE Speedy Pro you will not be at all disappointed. It is a stunning watch that comes in a great package and I believe that at a limited run of only 2005 you will never loose money on it. A future classic in my, admittedly biased, opinion.
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