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Hi, I'm new to this forum but have recently, very slowly been getting to the watch refurbishment hobby. My interest is specifically in pocket watches. I have a few of them from Walthams, Elgins, Burlington, Ermano, Meda, Doxa, Omega. Just a small collection of what I'm able to find here and there.
Hoping I can find someone on here that can help me with an issue I'm having on a 1947 Omega 37.5 T1 (15 jewels) I thin Cal 140 pocket watch that I bought with a broken staff balance and that I'm trying to rebuild/refurbish. A couple of weeks ago I was able to find a complete, used balance wheel with the hair spring for it. After removing and cleaning the balance bridge, I was ready to attach the hairspring with the balance wheel to the bridge part. However, after inserting the stud into the triangle-shaped hole in the bridge (a very tedious operation), the next step was to tighten the screw to secure both parts together, and just as I was about to make the last turn, bad luck struck...the tiny screw holding the stud broke.
And here comes my dilemma and I'm wondering how to move forward here. Should I:

  • Try to remove this broken part of the tiny screw from the bridge. I removed this screw a couple of times from this bridge before and had no issues.
  • Look for a new (used) balance bridge for this type and continue the process of attaching.
  • Look for a complete balance bridge - hairspring - balance wheel assembly which, I assume, would not be easy to find.

I would really appreciate anyone who has any advice to share their thoughts - thanks!

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