Omega 34mm Seamaster AT ( or Rolex Datejust Lady 31mm 178383

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Hi everybody, I'm about to make a substantial purchase for my lovely wife as an anniversary present and she has tried both models but is still undecided. I have a friend who is going to Europe and he is gonna help me buy the watch. :cool1:

Size wise both can fit her hand but it seems that the Omega in 34mm is a size that is not too big or too small. However, she and her friends have the impression that Rolex is a more prestigious brand (largely due to their marketing strategy post 1970s) than Omega and wondering is it more worthwhile to buy Rolex since it is a substantial amount. However, it would seem that Omega is the watch that gives most value for money though. So we are in a dilemma indeed ! I hope that fellow WTF members can vote or give your valuable opinions. By the way, I have posted this thread in both the Omega and Rolex forums folks just to hear what the current Rolex and Omega owners opinions.

We are not considering flipping the watch over the long term irregardless of whichever we decide, the watch is gonna to be her lifelong partner just like me. :thumbup:

Best Regards,

The following are the specifications (pictures attached) :

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra
Model No
Size : 34mm
Movement : Co-Axial 8520
COSC : Yes (likely to outperform Rolex in accuracy)
Water Resistance : 150m
Transparent Case Back : Yes
Mother of Pearl Dial : Yes
Diamond Hour Markers : Yes
Crown : Rose Gold
Full Bezel Diamonds : Yes (Rose Gold)
Bracelet : Steel
Anti-Magnetic : SI-14 Silicon Balance Spring
Warranty Period : 4 years
Servicing Period : every 8 years
Current Retail : € $11,100
Pricing (after AD discount and VAT refund) : about € $8,300

Rolex Datejust Lady
Model No 178383 - Oyster Bracelet
Size : 31mm
Movement : 2235
COSC : Yes
Water Resistance: 100m
Transparent Case Back : No
Mother of Pearl Dial : Yes
Diamond Hour Markers : No
Crown : Steel
Full Bezel Diamonds : Yes (Yellow Gold)
Bracelet : Steel and Yellow Gold
Anti-Magnetic : Parachrom Hairspring
Warranty Period : 2 years
Servicing Period : every 4 years
Current Retail : € $14,000
Pricing (after AD discount and VAT refund) : about € $10,900


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I put this in the other thread you posted int he Omega forum, but thought I'd post it here for you to.

I agree with Ulack, Rolex isn't the best option out there for the dollar, but try explaining that to a non watch enthusiast, especially a woman, is pointless... :w00t: :001_tongue:

Omega used to be one of the best bang for the bucks, but not anymore. Omega, IMO, has raised their prices so much in the past 2 years they're not worth what they're selling for anymore. In this case, given the slight price difference (overall) and the fact the Rolex has a gold & steel bracelet vs. the steel on the Omega, I think the Rolex is the better of the two for her. And that's not counting the silly 'prestige & awe' factor.

And don't allow some of the Omega marketing hype to take you either. I've owned the Co-Axial, and my Rolex's were every bit as accurate. I doubt one will outperform the other. Also, don't place to much stock in the service intervals. These aren't high-heat Formula One engines. Service when the watch starts to act out of character, not by some random date on the calendar. Many Rolex's IMO can go 8-10 years between service, especially if it's a daily wearer.

Let me give you another option. If you can get your wife to listen, have her look at some of the women's Patek Phillipes, you can pick up a ladies 18k or a gold/steel, either with diamonds, on a bracelet preowned for about the same price as that Rolex. And that IS one of the best watches out there. Hands down better than the Rolex or Omega. Her friends may not know the company name, but she'll know it's one of the best watches made by one of the best companies, period. And if she wants to enlighten her friends, she can take them on a ladies day out to a Patek dealer (many Tiffany stores are Patek dealers too) to show them the watches. I guarantee they'll leave jaw-dropped and your wife will be queen of the crowd. :thumbup1:
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