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hi guys i have an olma watch i recieved as a gift years ago but cant find any info on it any1 know about this brand:thumbup1:
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FYI from:

Inherited from a family of watchmakers, OLMA founded its first factory in Swtizerland in the year of 1906. Today, the tradition continues and OLMA watch is looking towards wider world markets for expansion.

Four essential elements have made OLMA watch a success since its establishment. Firstly, it has something to offer that stands out from the established mainstream designs; so that it really does give consumers an alternate choice. Secondly, it has a thorough knowledge of expanding markets and retail outlets. Thirdly, and obviously, the quality of OLMA watches have been excellent and the prices are just right. Finally, OLMA is supported by a well constructed and orchestrated advertising and public relations campaign.

Aware that design and marketing have become increasingly important, OLMA has incorporated into the company structure a body exclusively devoted to watch design, constantly exploring new ideas, products and materials for watch bracelets and cases.

OLMA, described as being "especially good value for its price level", is positioned in the middle to bottom segment of the Swiss watch production. It already has well established markets in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Hong Kong, China and Far East. Having been introduced to Hong Kong in the 1930 's, OLMA has gained a very long reputation in fine watchmaking craftsmanship throughout the Asian market and the brand is now experiencing renewed enthusiasm for its range of mechanical self-winding watches
with sales strengthening in many emerging markets. Strong efforts were also undertaken to introduce the brand worldwide. Distributors have been appointed in Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, India, Thailand and Vietnam, etc.

OLMA, a genuine Swiss made watch at reasonable prices.
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