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Olivier Bronze Trigger Pulled :)

21 Aug update
Pulled Trigger
Miyota movement, brown dial


1) i may have to go to Walmart for a watch fix, cash and carry !

2) all my incoming are weeks to months away
(Pam franken, Chris Ward, Lum Tecs)

3) any way the Bronze bug has bitten

I am not ADD about how many seconds fast or slow it runs
Cant really see the freaking date anyway

I am leaning toward a Miyota and no date
the price is not a big deal, but not a small one either

thanx in advance

Question # 1

Swiss ETA 2824-2 vs Miyota 8125

Pros and Cons

Question # 2

Date vs No date

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Question 1(a) It depends on how much of a watch snob you are.
(b) on whether or not you yet own a watch with a Swiss movement and want one
(c) if your arm is in a cast or sling
Both the ETA and Miyota will have practically the same accuracy out of the box. Both do the same job. The only real difference is one not even discernible to the Average Joe: The rotor of the Miyota only winds on one direction while the ETA's rotor winds while swinging in both directions.

Question 2(a) A plain no-date movement can offer a cleaner looking, uninterrupted watch dial. And this is an aesthetic difference, not a mechanical one.
(b) It will also be slightly easier for your watch repairman to re-assemble when it gets serviced. (This shouldn't matter to you- he'll charge you the same either way, I'll bet!)
(c) A no-date movement freely allows you to reset the time between 9PM and 2AM. This really only affects night people.

Unasked Question: Of the two, which one saves you the most money? Or which one do you like the looks of more?

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sound reasoning

Not a watch snob.... Yet :)

Looks like the brown dial I want
Only comes with date

That leaves Swiss vs Japanese

Two hundred Savings going East

I may step up......

Any other thoughts Gents?

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The movement doesn't fuss me, but if I had a choice I would go ETA.

And a date is practically a must have for me. I find it so frustrating to glance down at my watch to check the date and not see it there. Even for a beater style it does happen at times and takes the gloss off (perhaps unreasonably) an otherwise great watch.
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