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Hello all. Glad to have found this forum.

I've got this old pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather. See images attached. I'm pretty sure it is authentic, as my grandfather bought it new probably 100 years ago.

Some questions...

1. Can someone help me get an actual date when this was made? Curious when grandpa bought it...

2. At one point, many years ago I had a jeweler question the authenticity of the watch, or at least it's case. The case is marked as 18K gold and is stamped with a M. SCOOLER in NEW ORLEANS, LA. So is this perhaps a real PP pocket watch in a case made by someone else? What that a normal thing? Does that kill value?

3. Speaking of value... what's it really worth and how do I best sell it? It's cool and all, but it just sits in a drawer. I've got other things I could use the money for.

The watch runs, for whatever that's worth.

Thanks for any insight!

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My Gawg, that watch is nice!:love: And I see NOTHING that tells me it's a fake!
Judging by the serial number (see the edited version of your photo), the MOVEMENT was assembled between 1905 and 1910. And that is most likely the time-frame in which your grand-father purchased the watch! You MAY have to email Patek Philippe, and with that serial number, they should be able to tell you when the watch was actually cased.

Within the last 110 years, it is entirely possible the original watch case was damaged beyond mere repair, and needed to be replaced. And while I wouldn't say it was "normal", neither was that sort of thing unheard of. Accidents happen! And bear in mind...I said it was merely possible the movement was recased. It is equally just as possible it is factory-original stock. I just don't have that kind of info!

For its value, you REALLY need to get it appraised! If there is nothing remarkable about it, it can sell for anywhere from
$2,000 to $8,000+...and that's just on eBay!
And before you go slapping a price sticker on it, I would contact the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) for the best recommendations on selling your pocketwatch. You'll just get screwed selling it in the Swamp!

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Just checked the NAWCC site and I'm happy to report that the 'luminaries' over there have pronounced the OP's Patek as 'legitimate' although its a Patek movement encased in a private label (M Scooler of New Orleans) case which was somewhat common in the very early 1900's.
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