OK I'm here! Let's start the party!

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Hello everyone.

Many of you kept the same name from the old site, but I have changed mine...

I was once known across the land as "TalkTime" but now, through innovations in board hosting technology, I can now be called: "J!m"

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uh oh! He's trying to come in stealthy!!!!

Gotta watch out for J!m!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thumbup1:
Hey Jim: As soon as I saw your Avatar, I knew right away who you were! :lol:
I figured I'd keep a low-profile with the newbees, but the old-timers would know me right away...

Like the distinct sound of an old car: you can paint it, but everyone still knows when you come up the street!:)
Geez, Jim, if I'd know you were going to use Jim, I would've changed my name to Purple Spanking Hippo
That was my first choice, actually, but too many charecters...:thumbup1:

I may change the avatar, so that would have been a bit awkward dependant on what the avatar ends up being.:huh:
I was going to change my avatar. then i got bit by a pug just for thinking about it.
I hear you Bos...

Actually, I kind of like that one I have. It makes me laugh every toime I look at it.

AND, I think it is slightly bigger now!

New! Improved! Larger avatar! 20% more free!:lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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