Oh happy day. . .

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I am a happy camper. After rummaging around last night, I found an old friend, my everyday watch for several years but not seen for about 12 years. . . a Casio ana-digi. I thought it was lost! I put a new battery in and here it is. . .

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Congratulations on finding your long lost friend.
I'll bet you thought you sold it at a yard sale!!
I have to admit, my record of selling watches at garage sales is a little spotty. :lol:
Actually, Rusty's mrs. bought it new the other day and let him "stumble" across it. He's getting so ancient he fell for the oldest gag in the book!

If so, too bad it wasn't a Hamilton!
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Here is one I'll share with you Jerry. See the gouge on the bezel between the one and two o'clock position? I happened when I was gesturing madly during a conversation with a colleague as we were walking and I accidentally hit a door knob. I thought for certain the crystal was toast.:biggrin:

Funny how we remember such stuff.
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