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Hi, I have a Locman Montecristo automatic watch (pictured below). This is a novice question but I can't find the answer so I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to help.

When I start the chronograph, the second-hand moves as expected, and the minute hand (top dial) progresses as you'd expect too. As you can see, a full revolution of the hand on the minute (top) dial is 30mins.

The hour hand (on the bottom dial) reaches the hour after the chrono has been running for 52 or 53 minutes. Is this working correctly?

For example, the image below was taken after the chrono had been running for 53mins 35secs (the minute hand was on its second sweep 30min sweep, hence its at the 23minute mark).

However, you can see that the hand on the hour dial (at the bottom) has already reached the one-hour mark. This makes no sense to me.

The hand on the hour dial stays at that point (it doesn't go beyond it) until after 60mins, and then it gradually progresses.
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It is just back from being repaired so I thought I'd ask for impartial advice before asking the repairer's view.

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