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Hi everyone. I have recently attained a slight obsession for watches, and have been looking for that perfect timepiece for me. This has led me to German watches. I have only recently found Muhle Glashutte, and I have been blown away by their collection. I am particularly interested in the Marinus (great write up on this forum by the way). I am so interested I may purchase this watch instead of the planned Sinn 857. For this reason, I have been searching the google-box high and low for any info on Muhle. There has been 2 questions I just can't find a great answer to:
1) I was wondering if any of you have dealt with any of the online dealers, and have any opinions. I have purchased from Watchbuys before and they have great customer service IMO. However, Righttime has a much bigger selection. Has anyone dealt with them? Any opinions? I've read some mixed reviews about them online.
2) Is there any recommended service centers in the US for Muhle, or is it recommended to send the watch back for servicing? I've read a lot of mixed, and bad, reviews about the authorized service centers in the US that I have found.
Thank you in advance for any input. Keep up the great posts!
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