NOMOS Zurich Weltzeit// birthday gift

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hi all,

What do you think about the NOMOS Zurich Weltzeit? I would like to give to my father for it's birthday (for it's 55th to be exactly).
He travels much abroad for its profession so i would like to give him a watch where he can easily tell time at home for when he is traveling.
The reason why i did not post this in the german watch section is because i would like to hear about some alternatives around the 5k euro's which has similar characteristics.

with kind regards,
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I don't see the point of a worldtimer where you can't see all the time zones.

Ball Trainmaster Worldtimer FTW
I agree - the only thing I really don't like about this watch is how the date wheel obscures some of the time zones.

Another suggestion which little bit more expensive than the Nomos (about 6.5k euros but you could haggle an AD down) is the IWC Pilots Watch Worldtimer Ref. 3262

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