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Here is how you can post pics:

If you are intersted in posting pictures, and we love to post here, check out Mr. Houston's Quick and Easy way to post. Guaranteed Success!!


Posting pictures is very easy. Here's what you do -

1. Register with a picture host like
This is a free service for up to 1,000 images.

2. Once registered, use the choose or browse function on your photobucket homepage to locate the image you wish to post, from your hard drive

PLEASE REMEMBER to set the maximum size of the image
800 x 600 is best
Anything else would make viewing and accessing the page for users difficult.

3. Click SELECT and then UPLOAD

4. Once uploaded, simply copy the fourth option under each image on your photobucket homepage and paste it into the body of your text here. This fourth link is the Image Tag.


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I'd never heard of Nobel watches until the other day when I read that the Nobel Foundation had issued a "cease and desist" order against the watch company for using the term "Nobel Prize."

The Nobel Watch Company has been using the slogan, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 get the Nobel Prize 鈥 But I got the NOBEL watch,鈥 for fifteen years, since the company's founding, without a word from the Nobel Foundation.

I'm pretty new to the world of watches that can't be found at WalMart, so I'm not a good judge, but it seems to me that the Nobel Foundation has succeeded in giving The Nobel Watch Company the kind of publicity that they might never have been willing to pay for.

One of Nobel's watches.

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