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I've got an older USSR made Арктика that I love. It's not fabulous, it's not pretty, but it's certainly cool, a conversation piece, keeps good time, and is fun to wear. It was made to commemorate a Russian Arctic Expedition, and it's got a 24-hour face, manual wind, and some other stuff which is really neat to me. I think I paid about 900 rubles for it when I was in Moscow. Clearly not expensive (depending on which decade you're doing the currency conversion!).

I've also got an Авиатор that was around €200. It's also nothing special, and a little heavy for my small hand, wrist, and cuff, but I like it, it's a cool watch. I liked it more before I saw it in a duty-free inflight magazine on the way home from Warsaw.

In Moscow it's pretty easy to find some new old stock from some of the Russian watch companies that went out of business. I used to know a guy who had hundreds of real watches from the old Первый Московский Часовой Завод (First Moscow Watch Factory), original new old stock. Of course you have to be careful who you're dealing with, but if you know the right people you can get some pretty inexpensive but cool watches.

I suppose it depends on what you're looking for. To all, cool or interesting doesn't necessarily mean expensive or best movement...a little historical value or unique interest goes a long way to some!

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