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Newbie saying hi (now with pics)

i am new to the forum, although i am a member on many other forums,,, pistonheads watch talk.

Had an email from a nice guy called houston who said to check you guys out, so here i am.
I am 19 and live in the united kingdom, i am based in sunderland, near newcastle.
I have:
Breitling Aerospace 1999 two tone on Ti and 18ct bracelet
Breitling Montbrillant legende with white face 2007
Breitling Montbrillant legende black face 2008
Breitling 18ct gold montbrillant blue angles
Breitling chronomat two tone on rouleaux bracelet
18ct gold marvin automatic
lotus type 1 sports watch
camel trophy watch 1995
armani dress watch
Avid fan or Breitling and a lover of watches in general.
Photos to follow tonight, i have some of the individual watches but will take a group shot tonight, after i have picked up my new aerospace.
unfortunatley my white face montbrillant is away having some repairs (water damage)


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Hey Andrew

A very warm welcome to WTF and BBB Country. Glad you could join us here

Hope you'll have an opportunity to take a look around here. There are a number of BBB enthusiasts who like you cherish their Navitimers, Chronomats. Montbrillants, need I go on ? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Oh, at this juncture I ought to mention that BBB is my affectionate title for Breitlings being

Look forward to talkin' with you more over time. Thanks again for dropping in :thumbup1:

Enjoy your day


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Welcome Dawson, quite a collection you have there!!!!:tongue_smilie:

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Hey Andrew,

Welcome to WTF & the Breitling forum!! :thumbup1:

Wow, that's a fantastic collection.. I take it the Blue Angel version Houston posted earlier may be yours? if so, very nice looking. Don't see too many of those around...

Look forward to seeing your watches & chating with you here! :thumbup:

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Hey Andrew

Thanks for the pictures pal.

When you have a moment, do please tell us a lil' more about The Blue Angel. Why it's called The Blue Angel etc etc. You know, the usual stuff. Look at it as though it was an " about.html "

Oh, y'know what?

You don't? :eek:hmy:

Well, lemme tell you.........

................ to be continued

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Hi Andrew and a very warm welcome to WTF from me too.

What a fantastic collection you have there. It has taken me twice as long (I turned 38 on Monday:scared:) to gather a collection like yours.

You obviously have a descerning taste as well because you have some rare pieces in there.

I look forward to hearing more about you and your collection.
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