Newbie here, can I get an opinion on my Spaceview?

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Hi guys, first post here. Need the experts opinion on my Spaceview. Does it look the hands mainly? Many thanks in advance for any information.



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Just my humble opinion. Those hands do not look right. I assume it is a conversion as opposed to a genuine spaceview.
What's the background?
Are you looking for a spaceview or do you own one shown.
If your looking the members could advise you on possible places to purchase. There are good and bad out there.
Ah. I see.
Personally I do not like those gold hands. It would not be too much trouble to obtain a 'correct' set and have a watch repairer replace them.
I think it would look better.
Here is mine. Watch Analog watch Azure Natural material Finger

Saying that, make sure you find a watch repairer that is familiar with accutrons. There are a few precautions to be taken when replacing the second sweep. It would be very easy to damage the watch.
Does Clark not make replacement hands? I understand they are pretty good quality.
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Here is a set of Yellow Clark Spaceview hands.
I have seen them selling the white version but there are none on eBay at the moment.
Might be worth contacting them for availbility.

Bulova Accutron 214 Spaceview Hands Yellow Alpha New "Clark" | eBay
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Wow, I wish I had paid attention in my French classes..
I see that small clock I had, description in French :(
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