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I'm no expert on Panerai, but I believe it's fake. Panerai used swan's neck regulators and that watch has a regular stick regulator.

Didn't The Police sing that song "Panerai on a Park Bench"?

..... or was it "Canary in a Coal Mine"?


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Sorry to say that looks very fake. Shouldn't there be a "Reg T.M." stamp on the crown guard (although I see not all of them have it). How about some photos of the park bench?

One day, one wonderful day, the planets will align and a new member will post a pic of a genuine high end watch that they have found, or bought in a flea market, or been given by a friend, or been left by an Uncle, etc. My life will be complete then. :thumbup:.
And it's hard to tell someone's tone on the internet sometimes, so let me just clarify - this is not in any way meant to be critical of the OP, who probably posted in good faith.
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