Newbie has bezel problem with 1970 Tissot 24 hour Navigator

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This is my first post so perhaps some background is needed (don't worry it won't be my life story). I am a collector of many things, got the flea market/estate sale bug 30 years ago and have come up with some great finds (when I master Photobucket I'll put some on). For instance: a Salmon Fly Reel for $20 that sold at auction for $6,750; a 1950s Omega Seamaster Calendar and crosshair Constellation for $20/watch; a California dial Tudor out of the 70s, an Omega Dynamic and 10 other Swiss watches for $200, etc., etc. So it is anathema to me to pay exorbitant amounts of $$ to pursue my WIS. That being said, I just picked up a beautiful Stainless Steel 24 hour PR-516 Navigator from 1970, I believe, since I located its gold-plated twin on German eBay. This watch keeps perfect time and I think I have a good idea how to use it but the bezel is, either fixed or stuck... I located a knowledgable Tissot collector who said it needs to be freed up however a watchmaker I know that came from Poland and is an authorized Rolex repairer and also repairs any high end timepiece told me that the bezel is fixed. It reads "24": at the 12 o'clock position and "12" at the 6 o'clock position. The one I located on German ebay has a different setting but is the exact same bezel (silver on the top half, red on the bottom half) that appears to be able to be rotated. My question is, how to best to get this bezel to move, if, indeed it is a moveable bezel. I am torn between the Tissot Collector and my watch guy who maintains it is fixed. Any assistance on this would be appreciated since I am sort of ham-handed and would not want to break the bezel. You can PM me if you want some pics since I am not up to speed on Photobucket but will get there... Thanks
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No, just the one crown and perhaps the bezel, according to the Tissot collector I contacted, may be glued in place that's why it may not move. The bezel has a serrated bottom edge which leads me to believe it may have moved at one time, otherwise why have the serrations??? Sad to say I cannot post the ebay link due to the rules of this board, I would do so under Sales but I do not have 25 posts. I think I found that other Navigator on UK Ebay under Tissot and International Sellers... However, I did post pics of this piece at Collectors Weekly "Show and Tell" so they are available there..
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