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Hi, am new to the group and new to Rolex. Santa bought me a new submariner date for xmas. I did borrow a sub for a few years in the military but this is the first i've ever owned. It is a thing of wonder and I understand now more about the fasination people have for Rolex.:D:D
My question is: - On the guarantee card the model no. is stated as 116233 and the seriel no starts with D. Now according to online info this should be a 2005 / 2006 Datejust. It is't it is a sub and brandnew from a registered Rolex dealer. I can understand it taking a while from manufacture to sale but the model no.??????:confused1::confused1:
I know this can be checked by removing bracelet, but before I ask the dealer about this just wondered if you guys had any thoughts.:):)
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