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Hi, am new to the group and new to Rolex. Santa bought me a new submariner date for xmas. I did borrow a sub for a few years in the military but this is the first i've ever owned. It is a thing of wonder and I understand now more about the fasination people have for Rolex.:D:D
My question is: - On the guarantee card the model no. is stated as 116233 and the seriel no starts with D. Now according to online info this should be a 2005 / 2006 Datejust. It is't it is a sub and brandnew from a registered Rolex dealer. I can understand it taking a while from manufacture to sale but the model no.??????:confused1::confused1:
I know this can be checked by removing bracelet, but before I ask the dealer about this just wondered if you guys had any thoughts.:):)
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Hey Kevin,

Any chance you can get your Military Sub back? You have any friends still in with theirs? Those are super collectible! Its probably worth calling around to your old friends.
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