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Hello. I am brand new here.

After years of telling time via a beeper then a cell phone, I decided to return once again to wearing a watch.

Having a love for a lot of hands on activities, I did not want to go all out on a watch (I love the Omega Seamaster), and selected a few buget friendly models for my wife to choose from for my Chrismas list.

One of the models I really liked the look of was the Invicta 4058 with orange, and this happens to be the one she got me.

While not an automatic, and not a high ticket watch, I must say that I was quite pleased to see the REAL watch as opposed to a photo.

The watch seems well constructed, and has a sporty yet classy look to it, which is what I was looking for. So far I have had several compliments on it. The watch is 44 mm by 14 mm with a 20 mm band. All stainless steel. Nice and heavy as well.

Does anyone have experience with the 4058? I have seen some call it an "Oceanic 4058".

The watch says Swiss Parts Movement. Can someone fill me in on what that means?

I would like more detail about the watch, but can not even find it on the Invicta website.

Now I would like to get a watch with gold tone (at least partially gold tone). Does anyone have a recommendation?

Thanks in advance everyone

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Hi Doberman, I am not familiar with that model but Swiss Parts or Swiss Movement basically means it will have for the most part a Swiss made movement but it is assembled in another country. Swiss Made is supposed to mean it is made in Switzerland. Apparently some watch manufacturers don't always adhere to these guide lines.

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Welcome Doby!

Hi Doberman and welcome to the WTF!:thumbup:
I was not sure what your Invicta looked like from model number only so I did a search and took a look. Nice piece, I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

There are a lot of auto wearers in here but there are a bunch of quartz wearers also. Me, for example!:laugh:

I would be hard pressed to suggest your next as opinions on style, size, etc. very greatly and one mans treasure is another mans trash.:001_rolleyes:

We enjoy sharing photo's of our watches with each other so if you get a chance and you have a digital camera, show us your new watch!:thumbup:

To do this you will need to go to someplace like (free service) and download your pictures. You can then upload them to this site.

Again, welcome, you will enjoy it in here. A bunch of fine folks to hang around with.:001_smile:
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