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Hi to watches and looking at Elgin pocket watches. Have info from serial numbers but would like to know estimation of value so I don't overpay. I have read that this is tough without seeing them, but even eBay doesn't have them. Do I just take the serial numbers to a local appraiser? Most of these are being sold 50-100 bucks, but they aren't collectors....just found them at garage sale in other things. Any help would be appreciated.
Hello RBefort,
Welcome to the American!
The idea of the forum is to kick around ideas and bounce watches off other
folks who have them or like that brand.
Elgin is a wildly popular brand here and if you see a particular
watch you like, grab a photo of it and show it here on the forum.

The issue becomes the wild price difference in watches, from the cheap to
the astronomical and everything in between so it really helps to see each watch
before making wild guesses.

Anyway, relax, look around and ask about any specific watch you may be interested,
chances are we have seen one like it.

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