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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself.
I live in Northern New Jersey.

I'm not a huge watch collector - yet. But I've always been interested in watch designs.

I think my interest started when my Aunt gave me a Rensie pocket watch (right after my mom died back in 1998) that belonged to her father. She even gave me a picture of him with the watch.
Now, every year for our Anniversary, my wife buys me a watch or some sorts - usually not too expensive, but decent looking. I am into simple over complex designs. And for our last anniversary, she bought me a very nice Savoy watch - probably the most expensive watch that I have received.

Also recently, my father passed away, and I came across a box of his watches. Just a bunch of non-working timex, but there are a few in there that are very interesting.
I've found 2 Longines - one with his initials engraved on the back. And I also found a Jaeger LaCoultre. They are in pretty good condition too.
I can't seem to identify any of them, so I stared looking on the internet and came across this forum.

I'll post pics when I can.
Thanks, and I'm excited to join.
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Here is the picture of the ‎Jaeger-LeCoultre that I've mentioned:

And the Rensie Pocket Watch:

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And here are the two Longines:

Any information on any of these watches would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for looking!
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Thanks Twitchy!

Here are some pics of my Savoy watch:

Even more pics HERE
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Here are some images of an Omega Pie-pan model (any suggestions on how to clean up/polish the watches?):


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Interesting mystery dial from Longines. I think we have one or two more around here, Comet Hunter having one of them.

Good to have another pie pan owner too. :thumbup:
(And thanks for the move.)
(Aw, jeez....just when I was fallin' asleep, too!)

Very nice collection! I want to see that pie-pan after its "spa treatment".

-Comet(Longines lover)Hunter

Thanks for the compliment. I am ordering the replacement watchback today, and then sending out for service. Probably be a few weeks for it to be finished. I'm excited!

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Here are 2 vintage mechanical manual-wind watches that I picked up in the last week for fairly cheap. Ever since I got a hold of some of my dad's vintage watches, I've been really liking the clean-simple look of the older ones.

(Pictures from auction)

Enicar (with case):

I really like them both. Unfortunately, the Enicar band is very short and barely fits my thick wrist....
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Wow; those are some beautiful watches you have there. I especially like the JLC and the handwinds. Top-notch.

What watch do you use as a daily-wear watch, or do you have another for that purpose you haven't shown us yet?

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to WTF. ;o)

Thanks so much!
Usually my dailies are my Diesel watches - I just like the big chunky look of them. And I've been wearing my wind-up Mentor a lot recently, although, it is really loud! :)
Welcome to the forum. I lived in Garfield, NJ until about 5 years ago. Very nice collection, a great start for any watch collector. Enjoy the forum, great info available here.
Thanks! I've been in NJ about 15 years now.
Cool beans - although I am far, far too old for Diesel's styles (I turn 40 this year), I will admit that they're pretty nice. What specific Diesel models do you have?

WHAT?! Only turning 40 and you think you're too old for Diesel's sytles....LOL. I'm 36, and I think a lot of thier styles are perfect for guys our age. (At least the two that I own and wear):

These are the two models that I own (Similar styles):
Diesel DZ1216 - This one I wear a lot, more recently at least. I like the big wide look to it.

Diesel DZ4083 - This one i haven't worn in a bit, as it needs a new band (which I've just ordered). I used to wear the hell out of it though. It's not as wide at the 1216, but I'd love to wear it again every now and then.

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Great collection of Great Watches, Thanks for sharing !!!!
Welcome fellow New Jersey resident to the forum! Very nice collection. I am a big JLC fan myself! A bit older than you guys but still like to wear crazy watches like this:
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Thanks guys!

I have a few new acquisitions to post soon too.

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How is the quality of the Savoy watch? Have you encountered any problems with it?
I really enjoy it. I have had absolutely no problems what so ever with it and I've had it for about a year and a half. Although, i don't wear it daily, time is spot on when i do check it.
It's a little heavy, but I like that in a watch sometimes.
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