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First let me say that I know nothing about Patek Philippe watches. However, I have a friend who is liquidating an estate and asked me if I was interested in buying a Patek Philippe watch.

The watch is self-winding with a stainless steel case. The face is approximately 36mm in diameter and the date window is located between the III and IV indicators.

I done a number of Google searches and I have not seen any other Patek Philippe with a similar designed face.

For what it is worth the band is leather and stamped Patek Philippe.

My concern is that the back of the case says "JAPAN MOVT".

Here is a picture of the front of the watch.

Any ideas about the watch.


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*There are almost as many fake Patek Philippe straps as there are watches. I marvel at how many people agonize over the watch band!
If the watch is fake, it's a pretty safe bet the strap is a fake as well.
*Instead of the dial, you should have googled images of P-P movemevts, none of whicjh would say that they're Japanese made.
The fact the case back says JAPAN MOVT kind of answers any questions you should be asking!
*You should find a better friend.
*And nobody older than 12 should start a sentence by saying "I done...."
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