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Hello all, I just joined this forum today as I was doing some research on a few Boluva Accutrons (3) that have been passed down to me. One is a N0 214 Railroad Approved, one is a N3 218 w/day/date, and one is a L8 model of which I cannot determine what it is. I haven't decided if I will sell these or begin a new hobby. I would like to have them appraised or possibly restored. I live in Alabama. The closest large cities are Huntsville and Birmingham. Does anyone know of someone close that maybe I could take these to for an appraisal. Thanks
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I will respectfully suggest that the people here would be about the most knowledgeable appraisers you could find. Most of us buy Accutrons on a fairly regular basis and a few sell one once in a while. lt has been my experience that appraisers often get their fee by flattering you with values that are excessive. We would need to see pictures.
Another very good method would be to look for comparable watches on ebay.
One of the many reasons why we like Accutrons is that they are quite affordable. I can tell you already that the L8 is not a tuning fork watch and it's value is strictly utilitarian.
If you decide to keep them, you will be amazed how well they work considering their age. I have some 35 years old ones that are at least as accurate as my Rolexes.
If you
Thanks Skypilot. I will post pics soon and get opinions on what value they might hold. I will also be looking for a local to clean and repair if needed.
Welcome to the forum. As Skypilot said, your L8 isn't an Accutron but it could have real value if it is one of the desirable cases and mechanical movements. Good pics of the entire case as well as the movement will help us better advise you.
Thanks Oliver, I am hoping to post some pics tomorrow.
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