New Release - Cousin to BALL

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Hope I termed it correctly :confused1: As I don't really think they are head-on competitors but more of friendly rivals. :thumbup:

Jorge at TZ released this news.

Jorge's scoop from TZ.

ps. I love Trasers! The Alarm is one watch on my radar, but now this PRO GMT? :drool:
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Traser and luminox sure do a great job with their watch design and price. Hopefully BALL come out with really unique movement(other then those movement that is in their watchline now), to stand out from the two major H3tube competitor, if not it not really worth that kind of pricing as Traser and luminox are also using Swiss movement and H3tube at a better price. And the new Luminox Black Bird SR-71 Limited Edition looks DaXm sharp and stealth!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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