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Hello all,

This thursday I'm travelling to Miami to buy my new M series TT sub(before price increase). Need suggestions on dial color and if it's a good choice for a steel and gold watch!!!

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I like the blue dial better. You see many black dial watches, but not as many blue. And Rolexes' blue dial TT Sub is simply gorgeous. Your choice, though. Either is a sweet watch.
Hey guys my dealer also said he had the option of the SS/gold GMT IIc for me, what do you think??
Try 'em both on and see which one you like better. Personally, the only TT Rolex (or any watch) I like is the TT Sub (blue, as stated above).
Sounds like a fun time awaits you. Let us know what you decided to get...and don't forget to post a pic so we can all oggle over it.:001_smile:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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