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Hello all,

This thursday I'm travelling to Miami to buy my new M series TT sub(before price increase). Need suggestions on dial color and if it's a good choice for a steel and gold watch!!!

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Try 'em both on and see which one you like better. Personally, the only TT Rolex (or any watch) I like is the TT Sub (blue, as stated above).
Sounds like a fun time awaits you. Let us know what you decided to get...and don't forget to post a pic so we can all oggle over it.:001_smile:
This is good advice - I own a TT Sub but I have to admit I was darn impressed with the GMT IIc in TT when I reviewed it.
Hey guys, i would also like to know how much of the bezel on the TT sub is solid 18Kt gold ie..the metal insert that goes on the inside of the outer gold ring(where the numbers are painted in yellow and the rest is black) that metal plate gold??

The blue insert is aluminum. The rest is solid gold.
Hey guys, is there any reason as to why TT subs do'nt have solid(gold) middle links? Also does the fact that the 3135 movement doesn't have parachrom blue hairspring make it any less in performance or value??

Well Ed, the 16613 hasn't changed a whole bunch since it was introduced in 1988 - it certainly had the same movement and hollow center links. The GMT IIc is far newer and has some upgrades, like the parachrom mainspring and bracelet improvements.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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