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Tuesday 11 December 2007​

The Aqua collection is inspired by motifs from OMEGA’s renowned Seamaster watch collection. This range of watches has been closely linked to the sea and all things maritime for over 50 years. As the name Aqua suggests, the fluid sensuality of the sea and water-inspired shapes are the common theme in this line of jewellery.

(FJ01 Aqua)​

OMEGA’s Aqua Collection introduces a new line called Wave, a highly sophisticated and vanguard interpretation of the elusive motion of the sea. The Wave line brings a dimension of sculpture and movement to jewellery and captures the undulating essence of the sea and the rolling motion of waves in its overlapping ribbons of gold featured on the ring, pendant and earrings.

The six rippling ribbons of gold that weave a deep band around the finger are available in 18-carat yellow gold, 18-carat white gold and a stunning three-tone combination of yellow, white and red gold. To complement your look, earrings have been created following the sensual, swirling lines of the ring but slightly smaller in size. Like the ring, the earrings are presented in 18-carat white gold, in 18-carat yellow gold and in the three-tone variation.

(FJO2 Aqua)​

The Seahorse line of fine jewellery has taken the classic seahorse figure embossed on the back of the Seamaster watch as inspiration in its novel and bold Seahorse rings. The most salient features of the seahorse shape have been reinterpreted in contemporary and highly conceptual design lines giving life to the seahorse’s sinuous and flexible forms.

The characteristic ‘jointed armour’ of the seahorse’s body has been interpreted in this ring in five graduated concave forms that arch gently around the finger. OMEGA’s classic attention to detail is apparent as you run your finger over the wavy, honed ridges or the diamond encrusted curve and appreciate its flawless, smooth surface.

The Seahorse collection has been crafted in highly polished 18-carat yellow, white and red gold and is available with or without a sprinkling of diamonds. The diamond-set version comes to life with the sparkle of 63 pavé diamonds (0.45 carat) that embellish the wide, central sweep of the seahorse’s tail. The simple version makes for an ideal daytime ring with its high design appeal and the pavé version will escort you in style through the night.

(FJ03 Aqua)​

Pendants on a satin cord make a beautiful gift and add instant chic to any outfit. All Aqua pendants can be worn with a choice of four different colour satin cords (black, beige, pink and blue) with matching 18-carat gold tips and are knotted at the neck. The choice of different colour cords allows you to coordinate your pendant with your outfits and see you through the seasons.

(FJ04 Aqua)​

Three versions of the pendant are available in both small and large sizes that play with combinations of different colour gold and diamonds. The diamond-set small pendant adds a discreet sparkle and glamour while the larger pendant in yellow, red and white 18-carat gold is a warm combination of metals and captures the season’s trend for pared down, all metal designs that showcase the striking aesthetics of Aqua’s water-inspired forms. For the complete look, matching sets of rings and pendants are available.

(FJ05 Aqua)​

Omega offers a choice of nine Aqua rings in different golds, with or without diamonds and in three different widths. This variety of models makes the Aqua ring suitable for many occasions. The large diamond set version could well mark a special anniversary or even an engagement while the smaller versions are ideal wedding rings.

The three and two gold versions are a pure design statement, relying on nothing but the interplay of the lustre of different golds and the seductive shapes of the waves. All rings have the Omega name and symbol etched along the top edge.

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Hmmmm :confused1:

I kind of like these, but I feel you will be paying a hefty chunk of your wage packet on what is basically gold netting. Maybe that's the idea, as nets are used to catch fish. And, can you imaging the bruise you would get should your other half give you a back hander across the chops whilst wearing one of those Seahorse rings? That'll hurt :scared:

Expect to see very cheap versions down the local Claires Accessories or Topshop :lol:
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