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A few months ago after researching a fair bit for a good mechanical watch and browsing the local watch shops here in HK I decided to pick up a shiny new Ball, the Moonphase:

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Clock Rectangle

It keeps excellent time, for the first month it would gain 1s/day like clockwork and slow down a tad on weekends as I don't wear a watch as much. In the last 28 days it is -1s. Can't complain about +0.0357s/day!

Watch Plant Analog watch Clock Wood

I do prefer the leather strap over the metal bracelet, lighter and more comfortable IMHO.
Obligatory wrist shot:

Watch Cloud Hand Sky Analog watch

And here is a closeup of that beautiful lume:

Speedometer Odometer Trip computer Automotive lighting Gauge

There are a couple small things that I have noticed. There is a tiny white dust spec to the left of the 6 and the second hand has a corner that looks like it got damaged when it was stamped, very minor though.

I don't mind the flawed second hand, it gives it a bit of a uniqueness. I would take a macro picture of it but then I would have to stop the watch and ruin a month of not re-setting the time.



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That's great accuracy!!! I think my Night Train is slowing down a bit more than usual these days....dunno why! HA! Was dead accurate previously maybe -1 sec over a week. I'll reset and understand if it is all my OTHER clocks etc that are inaccurate!!!

The moonphase is surely very iconic, especially with the lume.
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