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I am a new member to this forum. I've picked up some great tips and advice from lurking on here over the past few weeks and I hope you all don't mind but I'd like to ask a few questions.

I've wanted to own a PP for about 15 years now, but as with most luxuries in life, cost has been a factor to consider. I now find myself in a position to be able to spend a little on acquiring what I consider to be a nice timepiece, but being a novice in this area I'm a little unsure about what I am doing.

This PP I am interested in is being offered for sale by an independent jeweller I use (not an AD). I mostly purchase items for my wife from them and I do trust their advice. It is a Pre-Owned Gondolo (3648J) mechanical movement, Sapphire Crystal case, screw down crown, roman numerals with an alligator strap. (I haven't work out how to upload a picture of it yet). Now before I get into an in-depth conversation with the retailer I'd like to know if;

a) there is anything you guys can tell me about this type watch?,
b) is there anything I should look out for?,
c) what pertinent questions should I be asking?
d) any other hints or tips you would like to impart.

I do have some concerns at the moment.

1) the watch does not appear to be working at the moment - by this I mean it’s showing the same time for the past 3 days.
2) the retailer does not appear to have any paperwork for this item (although they state the paperwork and box can be obtained).
3) they are unsure when/if the watch has been serviced (although any paperwork should let me know this).

I must say I do like this item. It is small, discrete, subtle and looks like it has been worn with a great deal of affection over the years. However, I am determined not to make a heart over a head decision on this occasion. I do not want to regret this purchase so any advice or guidance you can impart would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey widget guy

Firstly we need pics of the watch but I think I know which model you are interested in

You need to make sure the watch is in working condition as a service or repair could be costly. Some models are auto and some are manual.
paperwork is not too important although I like to buy pieces with paperwork as it suggests the previous owner cared about the watch ( maybe)
Most dealers would not know when a watch was serviced unless he had it serviced himself

Good luck

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