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Hello everyone,
My name is Paolo Viviani, and I’m a University professor with a passion for PP watches deserving a “money is no object” attitude, which sadly I cannot afford to have.
I'm being offered by a private individual this PP Ref 130 Cal 13 Chronograph:

Watch Analog watch Product Rectangle Clock

As shown, the watch was commissioned by Hausmann & Co., a prominent retailer in Roma.
The extract from the archive reports the following information:

- Movement n° 860499
- Calibre 13 chronograph register, manual winding
- Case n° 616127
- Style Reference 130,18K yellow gold
- Type of dial. Silvered, raised hour markers in yellow gold. Tachometer scale
- Date of manufacture. 1937
- Date of sale. February 22nd, 1938.

Moreover, papers show that the watch underwent a full service by Patek in 1992.

The seller has told me that the watch had been up for sale in Geneva early this year, but blamed the failure to find a buyer on the unrealistic estimate suggested by the auction house. In fact, by looking at the link relative to this sale, it turns out that the estimate (Euro 20.000 to 30.000) was probably correct. The high-resolution image clearly shows the poor condition of the engraved lines near the two subsidiary dials and of the prints. From a cursory visual inspection, I had supposed this to be the result of normal wear for an antique watch. Then, however, I realized that the grading details from the sale state that the dial was reprinted by the manufacturer and is now graded as excellent. At this point I feel puzzled, and I need some expert advice before considering the offer.
First, the dial seems fairly unusual to me. I've done a bit of research on internet, but I've never seen such arrangement, where the hour markers are inside the inner sector. Because the market value of this basic chronograph model usually depends mostly on the dial type, has anyone seen this arrangement before? Is it possible that the dial was a special request by the customer? Second, is it conceivable that PP has done such a poor job at redialing? Is there any chance that this is fact the original dial?
Thanks for your help,
Paolo Viviani

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Hi paolo and welcome

Not much more to add other than what has already been posted on other forums.

PP is unlikely to do such a sloppy redial.

The value is mainly in the dial.

The reason the estimate is so low is due to the dial. I would wait for a better piece to come along and be aware that auction house condition reports can be somewhat variable,It is best to view the watch in real life under a loupe before buying any vintage piece.


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