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New to the forum and have read quite a few posts, pretty good stuff. I have been looking for model #4473: Link to discount watch store below. I have looked high and low but only found it an online merchant that claims their product a replica. I am new to Invicta watches but I just love the way this watch looks. Can anyone help me out in my search for his watch? BTW discount watch store has model 4474 which is the same watch with a brown bezel, could one just buy 4474 and call Invicta and replace the brown bezel with the black one? Thanks greatly for your help!!

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hello and welcome to the forum. the watch you are interested in is a great watch. I have the same one in a different color. I looked at a lot of sites and could not find it either but triton might have one or might be able to get one in for you.
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