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Android Fans! Here are the brand new Android releases scheduled for the month of September


AD598 – DM Contender 9015 Automatic

AD634 – Euxine Power Reserve Automatic

AD623 – Powerjet 50 Skeleton Automatic

AD624 – Powerjet 45 Skeleton Automatic

AD616 – Decoy 2

AD632 – Impetus Jumping Hour Automatic

AD566 – Infini Tungsten (Purple)

Divemaster Contender 9015 Automatic
Euxine Power Reserve Automatic
Powerjet Skeleton Automatic
Powerjet 45 Skeleton Automatic
Decoy 2
Impetus Jumping Hour Automatic
Infini Tungsten (Purple)

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Wow these look great. I especially like the AD598 – DM Contender 9015 Automatic, the AD632 – Impetus Jumping Hour Automatic
and the AD634 – Euxine Power Reserve Automatic. I can't to see them presented. That Impetus case is awesome, very underated.

Thanks for posting these!!!
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