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Picked up a new toy this weekend... been eyeing this style for some time. Took a while to find the color combination that I was looking for. I think GP has made about 50 iterations of this model. Rose Gold with grey dial and cream/black 24 hr dial.

Best wearing watch that I have owned. It's 43mm and I hardly knew that I had a watch on today. Nice and snug but yet very comfortable. My wrist is about a 7.5" diameter for reference.

Hope to get some better pics taken this weekend.

Love the brand, IMHO it's one of the top and way undervalued for what you get.

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the watch is a stunner out there ..the multifunctional dial is quite awesome and looks great. The timezones of different cities are aligned in a very orderly manner which is quite elegant and cool at the same time. I wonder what's the price you paid for that watch.
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