New dial on a Daytona'

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Hi all,
I have a slate dial on my 116523 TT Dayto, i'm thinking of having it replaced by a white one by my AD. Anyone know approximately how much that's gonna be, before i do it!

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Yes, my AD is a family member, but he did tell me that i would have to wait 1 year from the purchase date to make a change in dial. I have no idea what that could cost, the timing wasn't right for me to ask him, family reunion and all!
Considering the above mentionned AD is one of the largest rolex seller in France, and I've had confirmation that Rolex will definitely do it, So i know that i have to wait a year from purchase date to make any change on my watch, assuming the changes will not create a non-catalog watch. I was just wondering what price range is the usual rolex fee for a standard dial change, from slate to white... I don't have any problems with the AD or Rolex, I get VIP treatment and unheard of discounts, and I get 1st dibs at any model i want..
Rolex won't have a problem doing this. You can even have Rolex do it themselves if you want. They'll do it as long as dial you want is the same 'class' as the original dial and was offered on the watch originally, or is a diamond dial upgrade. I've looked into having my wife's DateJust dial replaced with a different one, and was told by Rolex this is fine, with the above caveats. As to cost, the DateJust cost was $150 for the dial (they will keep the old one if Rolex does it and they will require your AD to keep the old one to send back too) and a service cost. Since the movement is being uncased, they require it to be serviced. The only exception is if it's within 12 months of original purchase, then the servicing wasn't required.

I'm assuming the Daytona dial will be a little more than a DateJust, so I'd guess $300-500 for the dial-swap, plus a servicing fee.. Watchbreath's $800-1,200 estimate is probably about right.
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A late thx for your response!

I do get excellent personnal discounts on Rolex and other watches for several reasons, the family connection is a big one, but also being a foreign resident in France with an address overseas exempts me from french VAT as long as i go through US customs with the item whithin 6 months or a year I think. It adds up to +- 30+% off of retail price! and first dibs on the ones I want.
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