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This is my 85 year old fathers watch and he just gave it to me to remember him by. His father bought this watch, and two additional ones identical, for him and his two brothers. It was always cool as a young kid getting together and seeing my uncles with the same watch my father had. My father wore it every day for decades until he got an Ironman watch that he could beat up and the Sportsmatic went into a drawer to be passed on to me someday.

Dads got Parkinsons and won't be around much longer and I'd like to get the watch refurbished before he goes. I'd love for him to see it all shiney and new before he passes. The problem is I like watches, I just don't work on them. It needs to be done right and I don't know anyone who could do it right.

So, does anyone know anyone reputable and trustworthy either on this forum, or online, or in Albuquerque that could refurbish this watch, and do it right? I think the curved crystal will be hard to find and it might need a new movement. When I shake it around to wind it, nothing happens.

Face and hands look great. Everything glows except the 8 position. Case is kind of scratched and all the numbers are very visible on the back. Crystal is totally readable but has incidental scratches.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.
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