Need info on two Invictas

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I'm in the process of selling a couple of my Invicta watches and can't find any info on them. They are models No. 2119 and 2120. Any info would be appreciated...such as movement type/number, date of manufacture, etc.


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Invicta 1948 Watch Model 2119 Mens Stainless steel case, Chronograph, Vintage dial, Strap has deployment buckle, Blue Leather Strap Mineral Crystal Swiss ETA Quartz movement Silver Blue Dial 50 Meters (165 feet)50 Meters (165 feet) released in 2010. Same information on the 2120
Thanks for the reply...however, I know that the 1st 1948 series was issued some years before 2010 because I purchased the #2120 new right after it was issued...sometime between 2002 and '07. There was a 2nd 1948 series issued years later, changing the 'winged' logo on the top of the watch to a 'V'...most likely the 2010 date you mention. What I know for sure (and can be gleaned from the front and back of the watches) is that it is a Swiss chronograph movement, genuine leather strap, and 23k gold plated. Invicta hasn't answered my email questions, but another collector informed me that he believes Invicta only made approximately 600 watches in three different colors in this 1st series...although, he didn't know the exact date of manufacture, exact number of watches made, or the movement number. Those are still my questions.

BTW: The movement is extremely accurate, with both watches within seconds of each other and losing less than several minutes between regular two year battery changes by a jeweler.
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First, welcome to the forum! All I've been able to find out is that there were four 1948 series chronographs, models 2018, silver with black strap, 2019 and 2020, which you know about, and the 2021, 18 kt gold plated with brown strap. All have the 'winged logo.' I have not been able to find out anything as far as how many runs of the 1948s were done, though an initial run of 3 models of only 200 each seems, IMHO, highly unlikely. Invicta, being a mass producer of watches, would have numbered and announced 'Limited Edition' to any run that small.

The movement is ETA and either the G10.211 or the 251.233 would be my guess, your jeweler should have been able to tell you. HTH
Thanks 3dgm...

...that's more info than I could find. All the jeweler commented on was that they had "a good quality Swiss jeweled movement."

When I get time I'm going to list them on ebay and see what happens. The $995 "suggested retail" was a little ridiculous...I think I paid around $300. I'll probably set a minimum of $750 for the pair w/the wood box included.

Thanks to all again,

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