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Hi all,

I inherited a nice Rolex watch from my father a few years ago and I am now contemplating whether or not I should sell it. Long story short, I need the money to pay lawyer fees that have been accumulating because of a custody and divorce battle with my ex-wife. It breaks my heart that I have to sell it but unfortunately at this point, I have no other choice.

I must admit, I know nothing about watches so I’m hoping some of you can give me some advice. What its worth… should I get it repaired before selling or sell it as is?

- Watch was bought new in Jan 7 1972.
- Model is Red Submariner 1680
- Everything is original but my dad replaced the band because it broke
- Missing outer bezel and insert
- I also have the original receipt, box, diver handbook, service brochure, red hang tag and band
- Watch functions but I do remember my dad saying that it would need to be looked at.

I’m attaching pictures of everything I have. Hopefully someone will chime in and let me know what I should do.

Thanks in advance,

IMG_0169.jpg IMG_0173.jpg


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bluechilli before you sell your watch cheap..let me chime in here..

I own five 1680 red Subs and as a watchmaker restored them all...Some advice..

Firstly get a service done by a watchmaker who works on vintage Rolex.
It looks to me like a new crystal is needed as well as a regular service should be done. The Red Sub as it is called is a very desirable watch and do not be so quick in selling it.

Your watch will look like these below once restored..
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