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Please help me identify this model and a reasonable estimate as to its value.

This is not the original Rolex bracelet but a replacement that was likely from the mid 70's. There is a personalization on the back with a 1955 date underneath the owners name and the initials of the one gifting the watch to him. However, I do not know the model with this very unique bezel. Otherwise, it is in original condition with a nice warm yellow patina on a likely original cream dial. To my knowledge, the last service being in the mid 1980's by the local ROLEX AD in downtown Houston, Texas. I just received it from the estate of the deceased family member and as a child I remember seeing this watch on that family member's wrist each and every time I saw him. I will need to have it serviced and regulated by a trusted watchmaker as this family keepsake has tremendous sentimental value. The true embodiment of watches for the next generation, (despite the other watch brand that has coined this phrase). This is the original box that came with the watch.

It is my intention to NOT polish the case nor cosmetically alter the original condition of this watch in any way, when it is serviced.

Thanks in advance.



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