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I'm currently doing a school project about an old broken watch my grandmother used to own. I haven't found information on this specific type from just googling, so I was wondering if anyone here is able to identify it.
So far, this is the information/markings I'm able to pull from the front/back of the watch

Citizen Quartz
Japan MOVT-5920-S015825-KA (on front of watch, the id near the bottom)
5920-S008514 HSB
Base metal
9 GN-0-6
It has gold plating (if that's how you call it)
Water resist

Watch Analog watch Clock Eyewear Watch accessory
Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Watch accessory
Font Gas Electric blue Circle Metal

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You have a Citizen watch, whose time is regulated by a vibrating quartz crystal. They appeared largely through the efforts of Citizen's business rival Seiko, with the introduction of the ''Seiko Astron'' watch. Quartz watches were (and still are) vastly more accurate than their predecessor mechanical watches. They are also much more affordable.
Your watch does not have a model "name". In sales catalogs, it is called a "Lady's gold analog quartz watch":
1) It is sized for a woman and not a man.
2) The watch's case surface is gold electro-plated
3) Analog watches use an hour and minute hand (and sometimes a sweeping second hand) to tell the time instead of a LCD numbers-only dial.
4) Quartz tells you the gears that turn the hands are run electrically instead of purely mechanically.
There is very little that decorates your watch, and many folks like it that way. They see the watch as being very much easier to read at a quick glance.
You have one "lug" at the very top and at the very bottom of the watch case. instead of two lugs at the top and bottom. Whoever designed the case designed it specifically to be used with a metal cracelet, instead of a leather watch strap.
To know more about the quartz "motor" onside the watch, I suggest using Wikipedia to read about QUARTZ WATCH MOVEMENTS.
Unfortunately you have a very pretty but un-remarkable watch. I don't know what else I can say about it.
Good luck on your project.

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No, that is what in most chat rooms is called a "bone-headed mistake". Instead of posting the comment normally, I hit the edit button on your thread by accident. (That'll teach be not to make comments while enjoying a brewski or four.)

You have my sincerest apology

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I can't remember another final round THAT surprising! I thought for sure Periera was gonna walk away with the trophy.
With Tiger withdrawing Saturday night, and Lefty boycotting the PGA, I was pulling for Rory McIlroy

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I'm not sure what's going on with Rory but he just can't seem to stay focused for 4 rounds. I personally think the amount of prize/sponsor/appearance fees floating around makes it much easier to not be as hungry for that next win regardless of the tournament. Staying on top of your game takes a lot of work. I've never been a Tiger fan, but he seems to be an exception. He has changed the money situation but he continues to work his butt off. Even when he can't walk.
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