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I am trying to source lug screw bars for the Argonaut 1000 along with the 22mm rubber dive strap (which I have torn). I have been in contact with the AD in UT and in NY who have both told me that they will have to go through the Official Charmex manufacturer over the pond...does anyone have anywhere else they can point me where these items might be in stock or readily available? My first post here...long long time member of TZ and WUS...Thank you in advance for any info you can provide.
I am having the same issue with my Argonaut TQ. Have you been able to find out anything regarding the screwbars? They place loctite on them and to switch out the rubber band for the bracelet and vice versa is a pain. They get all damaged. I have been back and forth with them and they tell me since its discontinued they have no parts available. That is such crap!! Buy an expensive watch and you get no parts support. I hope you have had some luck.
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