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Hello about a year ago I bought a Zeppelin GMT: longislandwatch . com/Graf_Zeppelin_7642_5_GMT_Watch_p/7642-5

I like the watch however I am not a fan of the leather strap. It feels uncomfortable and tight in some areas and loose in others. I thought It would break in but it really has not too much I was looking to maybe get a higher quality brown leather strap. What would you guys recommend for this watch?

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Thank you

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I'd recommend quality.
Straps are no different from other leather goods - you get what you pay for. Scrimp on the strap and you're going to get something that literally falls apart after a few months, or a strap so stiff you can barely buckle it up. I'd say look at aftermarket suppliers such as Crown & Buckle (former WTF Sponsors, very high quality but they can be VERY expensive), Strapped for Time, Freda Watch Straps, ...and see what they have to offer.
If you are lucky enough to have a large budget for straps, think of getting one that's individually custom-made (bespoke). Those leather craftsmen are good at finding the supplest of leathers.
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